HART’s Birthday BBQ Dinner Video 2012

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call HART crazy … but

I did some work this week, but generally during the week of my birthday I spend it alone in my thoughts wondering where the past year has gone and what I plan to do with my next year of life! This usually affects my business work ethic and productivity just a little (well, maybe a lot as I tend to imagine myself on vacation from the world this week!) After the weekend I’ll probably get back to being more “production” than “management” or “philosopher”!

Well .. actually I did have a nice birthday week! I ordered a new computer June 29th and they shipped it July 9th and hope to get it in the upcoming week! I have received one package already (The Accessories: see video youtu.be/AwW28ZnU_vs) and have been making room in my home office, backing up data, cleaning up shelves to store my existing computer back to being a secondary computer, etc etc etc.

I put out feelers in the ‘family community’ that I wanted to go to Mongo’s Mongolian Stir Fry restaurant on my birthday, but since nobody seemed interested in offering to go with me on my birthday, which fell on a Wednesday (July 11th) .. I just planned a really nice bar-b-que for myself!

I went to Safeway and purchased a juicy Strip Loin New York Steak and both a Sirloin and Chicken Kabob .. (and some fresh red, orange and yellow peppers) .. and I did have a plan! I planned to start with the inaugural first ANNUAL “HART’s Birthday BBQ Dinner”! ~Yaaaaaay~ {cheers from the crowd}

The weather outside was beautiful .. 33c (felt like 42c) and the air conditioning inside was even more beautiful! Fortunately, my wife was there to help eat some of the Kabobs, as it was a lot a food on my plate. However, I pretended that I was going to the All-You-Can Eat Mongo Grill and ate light all day with small snacks.

Let’s Watch: HART’s Birthday BBQ Dinner Video 2012

Rather than listen to me chat about my *awesome* BBQ tips and skills … and, to cover up some not so awesome BBQ tips and skills that sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks sped up 8x’s .. I added Beethoven’s 5th Symphony as my music of choice for the background of my Birthday BBQ Dinner Video.

Please enjoy! Feel free to leave comments below or in the video itself on YouTube.

PS: Shout to all my Facebook friends and Empire Avenue Friends and New Acquaintances that had taken the time to wish me a Happy Birthday on July 11th, and/or purchased shares of me in Empire Avenue, and/or just continued to give me the friendship and support through out the past year(s). YES! I do know who you are and do not forget! And, I hope our connection grows in the future!

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