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It was Friday morning, on the last Friday of April 2007 .. that my old Sony SP-46S17 TV died. It was a 46″ rear projection TV that I bought in 1997. Rest in peace .. but we had absolutely no problems with it. During the interim, we started to watch TV on a spare TV in our back family room – that was the CRT tube type screen .. and it suddenly hit both my wife and myself .. that the picture on the 46″ TV has been dying for years! It was not vivid anymore. And, we now have MTS Digital TV .. so without hesitation we both agreed.

We would go looking for a new high definition TV for our house, and not spend any money trying to fix this TV .. even if it turned out to be a faulty switch that was preventing it from turning itself on and off.

My wife did the research .. and we had specific ideas of what we wanted to buy .. and our budget. At first, we were thinking about 37″ 1080p HD as it fit our price range. Then, we were considering EDTV but, they are phasing that out. We really do not have any plans to pay extra with our current TV supplier and obtain the high definition channels .. so we thought we could upgrade to about 42″ 720p (or whatever that lowest definition was) for the same price range.

Well .. after looking around, and seeing what the picture was, and actually comparing prices .. it seemed that we were pretty close to selecting a 40″ Sony 1080p HD for about $2,499 CDN, reduced to about $2,299. If we bought a stand, there would be a discount as well and with taxes, no warranty .. the bill would have been around $3,048 after the smoke cleared. This was at Advance. The salesperson was great there, and we still think this was a great deal. We would have financed it over 12 months, no admin fees. And, they would have removed our old TV for free, and donate it to the local community college for testing or practice.

We looked around and went to Visions Electronics afterwards. You can tell that it’s true – the store is just like the advertising, trying to focus on their target market of younger single males or something .. as a university student was the norm for all sections of the store. It turned out that there was the same TV there for $2,199 (less than the $2,299 price) .. but there was upfront admin fees to finance the machine and some other fee .. but all in all there price was actually higher at Visions. Plus, they would not remove the old TV set.

Then we went to the Brick – only because we were in the neighbourhood. We actually bought our Queen Size bed there and have had no complaints.

And there it was – our TV. It was a Sony KLV-40S200A model. I believe this is a 1080i HD TV .. (interlace instead of progressive scan). It was quite amazing to watch the screen – as a co-axle analog cable was all that was being put into this TV and the picture was about 5 times better than any picture we have seen at the two other places. And – although the retail price was $2,499 CSN as well .. there was an extended promotion by Sony discounting it by $800 CDN so, the final price was $1,699 CDN. After doing the research, looking at the other stores, watching flyers and even talking to many friends who have TV’s .. we were NOT going to get anything better than this.

So – we looked around for a TV Stand .. and even got the extended 4-year warranty .. and the total price ended up to be (with taxes) $2,610. The only thing is that they do not haul away the old TV. We have to find someone to come pick it up. I would hate to have to toss it into the street or the dumpster – but, I will if I can’t have someone take it away – N/C.

So .. These pictures do not do it justice, because I just took two separate pictures (seen afterwards) to show you what it might be when it’s all assembled. At this moment, it’s connected – and the stand is assembled, but the TV is not attached to the stand yet as I have some major rewiring to do with my stereo and DVD and etc etc etc and also etc stuff to do. I will take a picture once it’s all up and in it’s final position.

Here it is:

I just basically combined the following two pictures on Adobe photoshop

Product Description [top]

Offering stunning picture quality, BRAVIA LCD TVs are so thin, you can mount them on your wall, and so stylish, they enhance the look of any room even when turned off.

Using liquid crystals and electric fields to form images, LCD provides high–resolution video and longer screen life with no burn–in. It is one of the most reliable TV technologies available. BRAVIA delivers vivid colour, deep blacks, high contrast ratios and ultra–fast refresh rates.

The brightness of the picture ensures a beautiful image, even in well lit areas like the living room or bedroom. With screen sizes from 23” to 46”, BRAVIA LCD TV is perfect for any room in the home – from the kitchen to your home theatre room.

Product Specifications [top]

Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Screen Size: 40″1
Resolution: 1366 x 768
Light Silver Frame
Viewing Angle: Right/Left: 178º
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Contrast Ratio: 1300:1
Panel Response Time: 8 ms (grey to grey)

Screen or Display Technology: LCD display panel
Video Processing: BRAVIA Engineâ„¢
Advanced Video Processor: Motion and edge adaptive I/P converter
Advanced Video Processor: Contrast enhancer circuit
Advanced Video Processor: MPEG noise reduction
Advanced Video Processor: Green and blue enhancer
Advanced Video Processor: CineMotionâ„¢/Film Mode/Cinema Drive
Comb Filter: 3D Digital Comb Filter
Picture Modes: Vivid/Standard/Custom
Wide Mode: Wide Zoom/ Normal/ Full/ Zoom
Noise Reduction
Light Sensor: adjusts the screen brightness to match the ambient light in a room
Tuner: NTSC

Audio Power Output: 20W (10W + 10W)
Steady Sound® Automatic Volume Control (with BBE® Technology): Equalizes volume levels so there is consistent output between programs and commercials
MTS Stereo Decoder

Sound Mode: Dynamic, Standard, Custom
A/V Synch: Off/1/2/3
Digital Amplifier
SRS® TruSurround® XT Audio Effect: creates a surround sound effect

HDMIâ„¢ Connection(s): 1 (Rear) with L/R RCA audio connections
PC Video Input(s): 1 (Rear) with D–sub 15 and L/R stereo mini plug connection
Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr ) Input(s): 2 (Rear)
S–Video Input(s): 2 (1 Side/1 Rear) rear input has Auto S Video Input Detection
Composite Video Input(s): 3 (1 Side/2 Rear)
Analog Audio Input(s): 5 (4 Rear/1 Side)
Audio Out (Variable/Fixed): 1 (Rear)
Digital Audio Output(s): 1 (Rear)
RF Connection Input(s): 1 (Rear)
Headphone Output(s): 1 (Side)

On Screen Display: Menu
Picture Freeze: freeze an image while you continue to enjoy your favourite programming
Favourite Channel: allows you to create a list of your favorite channels
Channel Skip/Add: allows you to skip certain channels
Parental Control (V–Chip): allows parents to block unsuitable programming
Input Skip: skip unused inputs for ease of use
Power Save Mode: reduce power consumption by adjusting lamp brightness
Clock: set current time
Sleep Timer: set the time the TV should remain on before turning off automatically
Timer Events: set to turn the TV on, the duration of time the TV will remain on, and to tune to a specific channel at certain times

Auto SAP
ID1 Detection
Video Label: label the audio/video equipment connected to the TV for ease of identification
Closed Caption (CC): select from several closed caption modes (for programs that are broadcast with closed caption)

Power Consumption (in Operation): 200W
Power Consumption (in Standby): Less than 0.1W
Power Requirements: AC 120–240V, 50/60Hz

Dimensions (Approx) Width: 988mm (38 7/8″) including pedestal, 988mm (38 7/8″) without pedestal
Dimensions (Approx) Height: 716mm (28 3/16″) including pedestal, 664mm (26 5/32″) without pedestal
Dimensions (Approx) Depth: 334mm (13 5/32″) including pedestal, 103mm (4 1/16″) without pedestal
Weight (Approx.): 27kg (59.5lbs) including pedestal, 21kg (46lbs 3oz) without pedestal

Energy Star® Compliant
VESA (200 x 400 hole pattern / M6 thread size / 16.5mm hole depth)

Tabletop Stand
RM–YD005 Remote Control
AA x 2 Batteries
Coaxial Cable (x1)
HD–15 to HD15 Cable (x1)
Support belt and screws
Operation Manual

SU–WL51 Wall Mount Bracket
SU–PW2 Wall Mount Bracket

1. Screen Size measured diagonally.

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