Congratulations to Premier Gary Doer and Manitoba NDP and Sharon Blady our Local Candidate

by HART (1-800-HART) on May 22, 2007 · 1 comment

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Today was Election Day here in Manitoba, Canada … and Gary Doer and the NDP was re-elected.

It was an interesting campaign for our neighbourhood, as our neighbourhood was considered one of the “Swing Vote” communities. Well – it was getting ridiculous with the phone calls and knocks on the door from polling our condo and area. Our NDP Candidate, Sharon Blady (I believe her father lives in our condo complex) and the NDP kept interupting me during dinner however. That pissed me off. So, one day – during a poll – the NDP pollers asked if “they can count on our vote” … and I told them that our house was a split vote .. my wife would probably WOULD vote for the NDP, but I wouldn’t. They asked me why. I said .. “Because the NDP is the only party that interupts me while I’m eating dinner!”


It was like the other parties found out that the NDP was calling our house a lot … but I could have sworn we were targeted for messages, pollers, quizes, information flyers and a lot of junk! I was outside one day, when a delivery flyer person came and put stuff into my mailbox .. and I shouted at him ..


That person replied with .. “It’s okay, it’s just about the Election next Monday” ..

So – rather than engage in whitty banter with this delivery person, I looked at that junk mail and it was from the NDP – again! Geesh. Enough was enough.

So – this is how I voted:


SEE MY VOTE? I’m one of those 32 REJECTED! I spoiled my vote and put an “X” in BOTH the Liberal and PC boxes. I was pissed off that there were only 3 candidates and there was no independent or alternate political party.

There – I had my say today. I contributed to the downfall of Manitoba Economy! And .. I can complain about it too! Because well, I did NOT vote for the Premier Gary Doer .. nor, did I want anybody else to win … but at least I voted! I went out and voted today. And, I should say – we have a great polling station to vote in too. We vote at a senior citizen’s complex, and they always bake nice chocolate cookies and put out coffee for all of the voters!

PS Here are the Total Results


The People of Manitoba (or rather, the portion of registered voters that actually went out and voted today) have spoken. Term 3 for Premier Gary Doer. Congratulations.

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Mitch September 5, 2009 at 2:18 pm

Why didn’t you decline your ballot?


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