I Miss Arcade Games of Olden Times ..

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call HART crazy .. but

My parents were out of town for about 3 weeks, and I was to pick them up at the Winnipeg International Airport, or rather .. the new James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (they changed the name this year and is in a 3-year reconstruction/expansion phase) .. at 23:05pm. The plane was a half hour delayed and I arrived about 40 minutes early, due to no traffic and worry about finding a good parking space.

* So what does one do in an airport in Winnipeg at 11:30pm on a Saturday night?

Well, besides Tim Horton’s Express on the main floor .. the only other shop that was open was an arcade. So, I pulled out a $10 bill and got me some change and walked in and looked around.

HOLY SMOKES. WHAT THE HECK ARE ALL THESE THINGS? Everything seems to cost $0.50 for like, 3 minutes of time .. there were lots of cops and robbers gun games ..weird driving games .. I even hopped on one of these Water Skiing machines, for $1 a pop, where you have to swing your hips on these foot pedals to weave in and between some balls and you can do some water jumps .. for about 4 minutes. Then, there were those punching games .. those karate games .. some weird games with Anime characters on it that I’m sure some young folk know how to master .. So I left.

Unfortunately, all that was left was this huge T.V. screen in the corner watching CBC Television Hockey Night in Canada and quite frankly – I wasn’t in the mood .. nobody was there .. and I couldn’t find the remote or figure out how to change the channel without the remote.

So I went back in and looked more closely at the games to see where I can spend my remaining $5.00 in quarters … and then I saw it..

frogger-image.jpg THE FROGGER SCREEN. There was one game that was a 4-in-1 arcade piece. It had Frogger, Galactica, Donkey Kong, and Ms Pacman. Now THESE are arcade games! You see, my brother and I used to have an amusement device company in the early 1980’s and supplied a few arcades in reserves .. and these are the games that I like. In fact, I got the high score in both Frogger and Galactica. The control was a bit kooky turning upwards on the Ms Pacman and for jumping on Donkey Kong .. but, it was still fun to play.

I spent all of the $5.00 in quarters (yes! only $0.25 per game still!) .. and it helped pass the time until the plane touched down. And, by the way .. if you click on the graphic – you can go play Frogger online yourself.

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